Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Celebration of Life For My Late Father-in-Law...

Thomas Henry, the Explorer:

He walks the road ahead,
In the undiscovered country,
Learning the calls of the dodo, 
Tracing the prints of the sabertooth. 
He does not forget,
Nor will he be forgotten.
Love knows no time or distance,
Love knows only truth. 

He is with us, with the unfurling of the flower.
I hear his voice vibrating in the rustle of the leaves. 
I see his shadow pacing so we need not walk alone.
The connection is unbroken; that's what I believe. 

So while we weep, we smile,
And hold him in our hearts,
Because we don't forget him, 
We'll never truly part.

by Helen Kathryn Henry Krummenacker (my wife)

Yesterday, I went to Stockton with my wife to attend the "Celebration Of Life" her mother was holding for her late husband, my father-in-law Thomas Henry.  It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever been to.  This was not a memorial service, it was exactly what the name says.  We celebrated this wonderful man's life and how he touched each of our lives.  I had no idea what to expect, but both my wife and I needed to be there for her mother, her brother, the rest of the family and ourselves.  It was a moving experience.  

A slide show played on 2 computers, showing photos from throughout his life, while music he loved played in the background.  A table was set up with objects from his life, a t-shirt from the Atlanta Olympics that he and my mother-in-law went to see in person, a medal he got for taking part in a marathon, a camera (he was a fantastic photographer), objects he'd picked up on his many visits to the woods and mountains (he loved the outdoors) and many other things that showed just how much he did in one lifetime.  

Outside, the garden had been restored to the way he had envisioned and worked so hard to make happen before he became too ill to tend to it.  Amidst the flowers, were easels with some of the photos he'd taken and even won awards for a few of them.  There were a few tears but mostly joy and talk about this wonderful man who lived life so fully and did so many things.  In turn the event reminded all of us that we all still have each other and so much more life ahead, that he'd want us to live to the fullest.  It was invigorating and healing all in one shot.  

He was a huge supporter and inspiration to me.  The laptop I had that recently died on me, had come from him.  And now, his desktop computer has been handed down to me.  It is on this new computer that I write this and will be finishing my second book "The Ship" on and then write more stories and novels.  I can feel him at times as I work on this machine and I can sense him nodding in approval.  Thanks Dad, for everything.  Especially for still being there for all of us in your own way.

Thanks for reading this folks.  I'll get back to my usual type of posts about writing in my next entry.  Take care and keep writing.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Special Deal For Nook, Sony, Apple and Kindle E-readers, This Week Only...

Starting today (9/15/13) and ending midnight next Sunday (9/22/13), the e-book version of  my paranormal/mystery novel "The Bridge" is available for just 99 cents on Smashwords and Amazon.  

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So take advantage of this opportunity while you can.  Ghosts, police, psychics, shamans and a 300 year old bridge with a terrifying secret awaits you within the pages of this book. 

This novel is also the first in the Para-Earth book series.  Book 2, "The Ship" will be coming this December and will follow two of the main characters in "The Bridge" as they journey to the west coast to bury one of their own.

Just click on the appropriate link below to get the e-book version that works best for you.  And if you already have a copy, please help spread the word of this one week special deal.  Thank you.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Google Drive/Docs, A New Tool In Your Writing Arsenal...

As most of you probably know, my beloved laptop died a few weeks ago and I have yet to replace it.  I will be getting a desktop computer towards the end of the month luckily.  But in the meantime, it's been hard not being able to access my novels and work on them.  At least, that was the case until yesterday.  I am now able to continue work on book #2 "The Ship" and am in no danger of losing any changes I make to it (at least as far as I know).  And it's all thanks to my G-mail account.

Now a lot of you are probably thinking, "Well duh, you simply mail what you wrote each day to yourself and it will be safe in your e-mail."  That is definitely a method that a lot of people use, but I have a tendency of deleting or accidentally deleting e-mails due to clumsy fingers or a computer acting strange.  

What I'm going to talk about today is Google Drive (aka Google Docs).  Now I know Google had provided a  "Cloud"-like service for all who use Google but I didn't know a lot about it.  It is very similar to Amazon's Cloud system, where you have a huge amount of storage in cyberspace to save photos, documents, etc.  But I'm one of those who does not jump on the new-tech bandwagon right away.  I always hang back and let time pass for others to give these services a test run and see if there are any bugs that need working out first. After I've heard more about the new technologies, then I'll give it a whirl.  I hate to try things and lose stuff because there were issues that needed to be fixed.  Especially where my writing is concerned.

So, when my laptop started acting strangely I backed up all my writing files onto memory sticks (flash drives).  My wife then urged me to transfer some of the docs from the sticks onto Google Docs, informing me that I already had an account with Google because of my e-mail.  So I proceeded to do as she instructed.  I uploaded my writing files and could access the novels that way thinking I could access the novels on any other computer I could get my hands on.  Right?  Wrong!  Because I uploaded the novels in MS Word, I could not bring up the novels on computers that did not have MS Word.  Our new laptop, which is primarily for my wife's university schoolwork does not have MS Office or Word on it.  

I told my wife about this and she informed me that the files she'd put on Google Drive were easy to access and she could make changes to them.  Long story short, she finally realized how I'd uploaded the actual files in their original program.  Whereas she had simply copied her files and pasted them into a Untitled Google Doc, which is the first option that comes up when you enter Google Drive.  That Google Doc is always accessible from ANY computer and you can make changes, edit, or add to a doc.  So yesterday I got onto a computer that had MS Word, opened my original document and then copied the entire book into a Google Doc.  Then I went home and tried to access it and make changes on the new laptop at home that did not have MS Word.  It worked.  I can now access the novel, make changes and continue to finish writing the first draft while I wait to get the desktop at the end of the month.  

I'm back in business and it feels great.  So check out Google Drive (aka Google Docs) and start saving your files over there gang.  Remember, if you want to be able to make adjustments to your doc, copy and paste the file into a Google Doc template.  If you simply want to have a back up copy, then upload the file in its original format.  

This is a great tool and I'm so glad it's available.  You can also make certain files accessible to others like Beta-Readers or your editor through Google Drive.  PLUS... you can make it that no one can tamper with the document while it's on Google Drive.  They can read but not touch it.  

Check it out, it's really worth it folks.  If any of you have other advice about Google Drive or other similar services please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.  That's all for now.  Take care and keep writing.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Available Now For Nook, Sony, Apple and Other E-readers...

"THE BRIDGE" is back on Smashwords!!!
What does this mean? Those of you with Nook, Apple, Sony, and other e-readers can now get your own copy of book #1 in Para-Earth Series for just $1.99
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