Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Quick Update on Quincy...

For those who've followed my Vlog, you'll know about the cat my wife and I were caring for.  We called her Quincy after a character from the Japanese Anime "BLEACH".  She was very stand-offish with us at first even though she kept coming around.  And there is a character who was referred to as a "Quincy" (type of spirit slayer) who was also very stand-offish and hard to get to know in the show.  So it just seemed appropriate to give her that name.

And like the character in the show she became more likable and eventually friends with us.  Unfortunately, she'd never come with us to our new place and we had to leave her behind.  We made arrangements for a neighbor to take over feeding her.  Well we finally went back a little while ago and here's what we saw.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making Difficult Choices In Your Writing...

Yesterday I made a drastic change to my current novel in progress.   I removed one character and chopped about 10,000 words from the manuscript.  Now I know the question on everyone's mind right now is probably "Why did you do that?" or "Gee I wonder what I should have for dinner tonight?"  If it's the second one, I'm sorry I can't help you there.  As for the first one, that's easy to answer, but it was a hard choice to make in the end.

The reason I dropped this character was because she was only a secondary figure, not one of the main ones.  And her storyline, which was going to end in a dramatic and unique death-scene was not pivotal to the overall story.  Also, her storyline was actually bringing the main story to a screeching halt while I dealt with her.  That was unnacceptable to me.  Now as the story's creator I tried to keep her in and work her story to blend with the main one.  But, she was proving too much of a distraction for the main characters who already had two major nemesis to deal with already.  This gal was just another antagonist who's goals were more petty and only served to demonstrate the power and abilities of one of the major villains.  Now that villain had already demonstrated several unique and terrifying talents already, so another one was not really needed for this novel.  However, it might prove useful in the next one where he appears yet again and in a much more formidable role.  So, I removed all reference to this woman and her death from my work in progress and saved her for the next book.  Or perhaps I'll use her in another work entirely, I'm really not sure yet.

I am happy to say that removing this character and the obstacles she presented to my main cast has allowed the story to move forward much faster and with more action.  Sometimes we have to make decisions like this on areas where the story is not moving along as well as it could.  Or if we're running too high a word count and something needs to go.  I'm glad I did this now instead of later.  Because I realized I was leaving the audience hanging on several fronts while dealing with this secondary character.

It's not always easy editing your own work, but it's a chore we have to do.  So make sure you occasionally stop and read over what you've done and ask the questions.  Does it make sense?  Is the story flowing smoothly the way I want?  Does something have to be changed or go entirely?  And if you do remove sections, save them in a file on your computer so you can recycle them for another story down the road.

That's all I have for now.  Take care and keep writing.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rough Couple of Weeks...

Hello everyone.  Didn't want to leave you with nothing to read but my older posts.  Here's what's been going on and why I haven't posted much lately.  The Fibro has calmed down quite a bit, but other issues came up.  My father-in-law landed up in the hospital coughing up blood.  We've spent the last couple of weeks on edge waiting to find out what's been happening.  A biopsy revealed cancer, but the full extent of it was still unknown until about 2 days ago.  It appears to be State 1 or 2, they have to examine the nearby lymph nodes to see if it's spread at all or remained localized.  The PET Scan did not reveal anything in the other lymph nodes, but they wish to make sure first.

Around the same time I found out my own mother had been to the doctor after a test revealed a low red blood cell count and she had been losing weight.  This was in addition to finding blood in her stools.  The doctors took a biopsy last week and we hope to find out more on Monday or Tuesday.

Now in addition to all this I've been fighting a cold as well as trying to find some part-time or eventually full-time work.  I hope to have a job-offer this Tuesday, fingers crossed.  It's seasonal, but at least it will be something for a few months.

So overall, it's been a bit rough to say the least lately.  I have been writing to keep my spirits up in the meantime and novel #2 "THE SHIP" has been coming along nicely.  I've mostly been rewriting earlier scenes that were no longer working with how the story was going in the latter part.  I'm one of those people who has to have a story make sense as I write it, I know silly me.  But I'm also watching my word count because I was closing in on the 2/3's mark and had almost half a story to complete still.  Things have been tightened up and the tension in the story is much better than before.  I really like to keep my audience glued to the story.  Lose their interest and you're in trouble.  This is much better.

That's all for now.  I'll post again shortly once I've heard back on a couple of fronts.  Thanks for reading and keep writing.