Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coming Soon... A New Vlog

Hi gang, sorry for the long pauses.  Life has been interesting to say the least.  I'll give you a brief synopsis.  My wife and I are trying to get new housing so we can be closer to my work (who's hours have been a bit chaotic of late), as well as closer to the university my wife will be attending this fall.  Right now it's a 45-60 minute commute one way.  Originally we were supposed to be getting housing through the university but got put on a Wait List that was not looking too promising.  So we started hunting nearby on our own for an alternative.  Yesterday I found out that the university housing had put us on the wrong list, married couples get priority housing.  So now we are hoping to hear about a move date within the next week or so... FINGERS CROSSED!

In the meantime, work and the commute has taken a lot of time out of my day so I haven't been able to post here as often but the upcoming weeks are looking better so stay tuned.

Also, I mentioned in my last entry that I was working on a Vlog.  Well, after showing it to a few sample viewers I knew I could trust, I had to re-shoot the whole thing.  It was too long and the wind was drowning out my voice.  So I went back and did a new one.  That one was much better but it was too long and almost rambling.  It needed some more editing and fine-tuning.  I've finally got that taken care of.  I broke it up into two installments, one introducing the Vlog and where I got the idea for it.  And the second installment takes you on location to a place appearing in my 2nd novel and explains how it inspired the idea for novel #2 which is now 2/3's of the way done.  I'll be posting link to both videos very shortly so stay tuned and thanks for sticking with me.

Take care and keep writing.