Sunday, May 27, 2012

College, Finals, Work, and Dance...

Well folks, this week will be my finals at college.  I've completed a couple of them already, but I still have more to take care of this week.  I've started my new job as well, so I've been pretty busy.  I'm really hoping to be get back to my regular posts about writing very soon, so please bear with me.  

Now I know I've mentioned in previous posts getting ideas and materials for your stories from life.  Well, I've been taking 4 dance classes this semester (Jazz, Ballet, Improv and Latin).  I've attached a YouTube link below to show you some of what I've had to do for my Improv Dance Class final.  The performers are myself and my wife Helen performing our own take on the Bruno Mars "Lazy Day Song".   We had a lot of fun putting this little number together and performing it.  I've also gotten a lot of ideas from the entire experience that I'll be using in my writing down the road.  Please keep this in mind.  If there's something you like to do, or always wanted to do and have been looking for an excuse to do it now you have it.  Give your experiences to your characters,  how you felt, what is was like to do that something that is so special to you.  It really brings the characters to life and makes them easy to like from the audience's point of view.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy the video. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just A Quick Note...

Sorry for the lack of blog entries recently.  I know I was doing like one a week, but college is keeping me busy right now.  So I'm slowing down for a couple of weeks.  Finals are coming up, along with a couple of dance performances as well.  Plus, I'm starting my new job so please bear with me for a little while and once college is out of the way, I can get back to regular entries.  Until then take care and keep writing everyone.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This took me totally by surprise and I'm very flattered and honored.  I hadn't thought my blogging was having such an effect on people.  I want to thank Red and Flame at for nominating me in the first place.    Now in accordance with the rules of the award I'm supposed to reveal 7 facts about myself so here goes.
1 - Was a foster child at the age of 8 months and adopted at the age of 4 years by the Krummenackers.
2 - I studied and performed magic illusions in my teens and still have a lot of my equipment and skills.
3 - I've been taking dance lessons (mostly in Ballroom and Improvisational Dance) since I turned 41.
4 - I played violin in grade school and a little guitar in high school.
5 - Studied to be a Physical Therapist back in 1982 only to drop out, I was getting too emotionally overwrought over the people I couldn't help.
6 - Went back to college 2 years ago and got my A. S. in Human Services
7 - Met my wife of 23 years at a Doctor Who Fan Club, I dressed up as the MASTER and harrassed people on the phones and giving the pledge pitches during Pledge Breaks during Doctor Who for our local PBS station for 3 years.
I'd like to nominate the following Bloggers who I follow for this award:
These are just a few of the many bloggers who've had an impact on me.  I know there's more of you out there, but I only had so much room.  But please keep it up all of you.  I love reading your insights and stories.  Take care and thanks again everyone.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today's entry is not going to be very long.  But sometimes we don't need a lot of words to get across what we're saying.  Then again, it depends on what you're trying to convey in a scene.  I've recently had an interesting question come up where a friend told me they could write an action but didn't know how to fill the rest of the scene out.  Details, setting, background, etc. were the areas they had trouble with.  

I knew this problem all to well, I went through it a number of times and I know other writers have as well.  Interestingly enough in my Writing Class we came across an exercise that really helped me and I'm going to share it here with all of you. It's nothing special but it really helped me and I hope it does the same for all of you.

Here goes...


She walked out onto the porch.

Not a lot there besides the activity.  Now here's the first layer I added to the scene.

She walked barefoot out onto the wooden deck of the porch.

Okay now we have a little more to go on.  Barefoot, eh. That opens up possibilities for the scene.   Maybe she just got up, or she likes to go around with no shoes on.  Or perhaps she's wearing just a bikini and is going to sunbathe.  I decided to start being more specific and added another layer to the action.

Having poured a cup of tea, Cassandra made her way barefoot out onto the wooden deck of the porch, to enjoy the morning air.

Now I've gotten more a of setting going.  But I still wanted to add a little more to make things feel real and alive.  Like a typical day for just about anyone.  So I added one more layer...

Having poured her morning cup of tea, Cassandra carried it out of the kitchen, walked barefoot of the soft carpet of the living room and out onto the hard wooden deck of the porch.  She always enjoyed the morning air here at the beach.  A gentle cool breeze was just coming off the ocean.

All of a sudden I had an action along with a nicely detailed setting.  I didn't overdo the description of the rooms or the porch, but I gave enough for the reader to insert their own imagery.  Too much detail can sometimes bog down the reader and bore them to tears. I like to give them enough to build upon without taking away the flow of the overall story.  One does not have to get bogged down describing just how soft the carpet fibers were or the colors it contained, unless of course it will be significant to the scene.  Say if the person was suddenly stabbed or shot and the contrast of their blood to the carpet's coloring is important.

Layering is a great exercise to play with sometimes.  This scene was just for my class homework, but now I plan on using it in my novel.  So if you have some writer's block or are having trouble figuring out where to go with an action, play around with Layering.  You may surprise yourself.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012